Polycell Polyfilla Mendall 90


  • Can be used straight from the tub, is slump resistant and can be applied in thick layers
  • Polycell Polyfilla Mendall 90 is ready-mixed and dries in thin layers in approx. one hour, but thick fillings of 10 mm may require 24 hours (or longer e.g. in cold damp conditions) before over coating
  • The product dries without shrinkage
  • Designed for filling cracks and holes in and around plaster, wood, brick, stone, concrete, stucco, metal, glass, fibre-cement and other masonry surfaces
  • It is specifically formulated to fill cracks that might be unstable due to normal expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes, but is not recommended for structural cracks
  • Ideal for filling cracks where adhesion problems occur, e.g. the join between cornice and wall or ceiling where conventional crack fillers will fail. The extra adhesion and flexibility ensures that the filler will not fall out